Connecting International Business and People.

What we do

We enable trade diplomats to meet on a regular and informal basis, to share their experiences with fellow trade diplomats, acquire practical skills for international business and expand their knowledge of trade matters.

We organize briefings on international trade issues and visits to relevant companies and institutions for doing business in The Netherlands.

We enable members to benefit from being a member of a proactive business organisation.



  • Provide value-added services to our members
  • Promote our members’ interests, using our influence wherever appropriate, as an independent voice
  • Represent our members views and priorities in relation to the local economy
  • Work in partnership with the community
  • Deliver quality, thought and action
  • Expand the understanding of business practices of Dutch trading partners.
  • Develop long-term strategic contacts to advance international business.

Join TradeCounsellors

The TradeCounsellors are continually striving to improve the services that it offers to its members. Our aim is to make sure that all of our members get the most out of being part of a proactive business organisation.

Being a member of the TradeCounsellors entitles you to:

  • Share best practice of international trade activities between fellow members
  • Guidance and encouragement to develop your international trade activities
  • New and informative international trade ideas
  • Regular e-bulletins detailing international trade issues




There are currently no events scheduled.

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